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FREE! Bass Professor mkII


This is an awesome freebie for beefing up and shaping your bass guitar tones.

Bass Professor Mark II is a sound shaping suite for a bass guitar. It can be used for changing a dull DI recorded signal into a powerfull amped-like bass sound with lots of character. Bass Professor Mark II offers dynamics processing, eq and a ruff overdrive specifically suited for bass guitar.

If you’ve been into audio plugins for any amount of time then you’ve probably already realised that there’s a TONNE of freebies out there. Many of them are worth the zero price tag. As in… they suck.

Audio Plugin Guy wants to help you discover the real gems amongst the crap. Bass Professor MarkII is an absolute diamond. If you record bass and don’t always have access to a decent amp and microphone setup then you’ll be running a direct line into your interface. This can result in some fairly weak tones and this is where the Bass Professor works it’s magic.

At it’s heart, it is a very intuitive seven-band dynamic processor but it also includes a sub boost and some ‘dirt’ to help quickly get that tone you want. It can be used alone or even to help shape the signal going into an amp sim. This is great if your strings are a bit old or you have a poor quality DI recording to work with as it will add some beef and shine before the amp does it’s business.

100% must-have plugin for anyone recording and processing DI bass. Just get it now and see…


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