Deal: 62% off Tantra by Dmitri Sches

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Another week, another VST Buzz deal. This time, many of you plugin-heads may be pleased to know, it’s not a Kontakt instrument! Indeed, this week we have a treat in the form of the Tantra rhythmical multi-fx plugin from Dmitri Sches. We also have an exclusive discount code for an Empty Vessel expansion pack, just for you. Read on to find out more… 

Step to the Rhythm

Tantra may not be a new plugin, but it is still amazing for creating rhythmical sounds out of static sources. You have eight modulators to program and link to pretty much any parameter across two layers of effects. The effects include a filter, distortion, delay, lo-fi (bitcrusher), flanger and glitch. The modulators can either be step or curve based and are split across 32 time units, the speed of which can be set globally.

Check out the manual to see just what this baby can do. There’s basically an infinite number of ways this thing can be set up and that’s not even considering the source you’re running through it. Literally anything can be completely transformed into rhythmical, pulsating, aural joy.

Some examples of the presets are in the video below.

All of this is currently available for just €24.99 from VST Buzz until the 7th of March with the option to add three expansion packs for another €15.

Just to make the deal even sweeter…

We are very pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive 30% discount to use on the brand new Weave expansion pack for Tantra in the Empty Vessel store. Just use the code AudioPluginGuy at the checkout to get your discount (also valid until March 7th).

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