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Deal News: 80% off the Zero-G Cinematic Solutions Bundle for Kontakt


The latest special offer from Audio Plugin Deals is the huge Zero-G Cinematic Solutions Bundle for the full Kontakt Player. 80% off gives you $600 worth of products for just $99. Our man John Montoya has nobly dug in and checked it out for you all. Here’s what he has to say…


Zero-G is one of the OG’s of sample library providers. They’ve helped shape the sound of artists like The Prodigy with their unique, weird, and intuitive sample libraries. Being a long-time fan of their sound (I own a few sample CDs from the 90s), I was excited to get my hands on this bundle, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Thanks to Zero-G’s Super Bundle, I had the privilege of being Hans Zimmer for a day.

Over 38GBs of Instant Inspiration

Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer who needs a little extra something, or someone who just discovered the wonderfully insane world of sound design, this pack has a little something for everyone. You’ll find cinematic drones, ambiences, explosions, SFX, and more to make your mother jump out of her seat when she’s watching the latest movie trailers.

This bundle includes award winning sample packs like:


AfterShock is a huge collection of abstract events, atmospheres, ambiences, hits, sweeps, risers and effects, morphs and transforms, drones and tones and lots more.

This beautifully crafted library can be used in many different TV, film and game genres especially action, fantasy, science fiction and horror as well as for various EDM genres and anything requiring sophisticated and extreme sound design.

Dark Skies

Including everything from huge, luscious, panoramic soundscapes to the mysterious, eerie and downright scary and everything in between, this enormous library is made for people who are serious about their sound design.

There is also a themed collection of individual samples, ranging from beautiful washes of ambient bliss, to harsh digital blasts and granular FX.


Cyberstorm is definitely not for the faint-hearted – in fact, it may well be the hardest hitting SFX library on the planet!

Cyberstorm is a huge toolbox of soundscapes, movements, drones, impacts, weapons, voices, whooshes, hits, servos, explosions, and lots more. It can be used in many different film and game genres especially action, fantasy, science fiction, horror and war as well as for TV soundtracks, advertising, video and EDM.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass provides you with a vast expanse of new and experimental sound materials generated using the most bleeding-edge digital signal processing techniques.

This colossal collection of sounds has themes ranging from chilling deep space horror all the way through to sumptuous heavenly atmospheres. It has been designed to suit all the needs of professional audio-video producers such as TV, cinema & game score composers and also EDM music producers who want to add something unique to their tracks.

Epic Horizons

Crammed full of textures, ambiences, soundscapes, drones and FX this library is the ideal companion for any professional film, TV or video game producer and sound designer looking to add some scale and intensity of emotion to their musical score.

Adventure, sci-fi, thriller, horror, mystery, fantasy and action genres are all included in this vast library. In short, there is something for every big screen moment in this stupendous stockpile of sonic sensation!

Maximum Force

Full of awe-inspiring sounds of scope and breadth, Maximum Force is the perfect tool for busy post-production facilities, video editors, sound designers, broadcast radio/TV stations and experimental composers.

More *BANG* For Your Buck

The quality of these samples is no short from extraordinary. Everything (in my opinion) is perfectly EQ’d; the dynamics of each sound leaves more than enough headroom for adjustment and additional customization; these samples were made to be toyed around with. You’ll find that you will have plenty of freedom to mix up, chop, and create your own loops.

Stayin’ True to Their Roots

Zero-G always thinks about their users. In addition to high quality WAV and AIFF files, you’ll be able to use these sample packs in your favorite sampler like HALion, Kontakt (full version ONLY), NN-XT, and EXS24—allowing the user even more control and creative potential. I’m not sure about you, but I love the idea of stretching samples to create a grittier sound.


It’s safe to say that this bundle is the gateway drug into sound design. Or maybe you’re a music producer who wants your music to have a more cinematic feel it. Either way, I can tell you that I’m going to personally use these samples a lot!

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