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Deal Review: 65% off Galaxy X by Best Service


Okay, okay, okay!

We know we’re a bit late with this one and there’s only like two days left to grab this deal but we’ve been busy. Okay? We’re here now and that’s what matters. So let’s get on and talk about Galaxy X from Best Service, which is currently being sold by VST Buzz with a 65% discount. Which is a pretty hefty chunk. But is it worth it?

[Insert witty X-Files quote here]

Galaxy X calls itself a “convolution synthesiser”, by which it means that it combines a number of sample sources with various effects. Right out the box you get a nice collection of source sounds to work with, over 15GB. They’re split into three categories for effects, keys and loops. Pretty self explanatory and almost worth the price alone. Particularly fun to play with are the beatboxing loops.

The actual interface is kinda confusing to look at. Probably a good case for RTFM-ing. Your layered samples are routed through pre- and post- processing with the ‘convolution’ bit in the middle. That part is a combination of effects that can have their intensity controlled by the ‘X-Factor’ dial, which can be automated.

You can get some interesting results with all this, though essentially all your doing is automating effects as you could do in any DAW.

Trust No One

Or at least don’t trust the hype on the sales page. Galaxy X is sold to you as something cutting-edge whilst the plugin itself was actually released in 2012. And in all honesty, the interface kinda gives that away. Brushed steel and monochrome gradients aren’t particularly indicative of modern design. The controls are far from intuitive and you’ll mostly find yourself cycling through the sound banks and experimenting with the dials.

That said, the huge bank of sounds themselves are mostly very decent and there really are a very wide range of applications for this; from drums and rhythmical elements, through keyboards and synths to atonal sound effects and huge pads. As a source of inspiration for musical ideas, Galaxy X certainly has it’s place. Here’s a play-through some of the sounds available.

I Want to Believe

It’s a hard one to judge. On one hand, Galaxy X feels dated and is a bit clunky to use. On the other hand, it is a huge resource of unique sounds. Here at APG we’re on the fence as to whether it’s worth the €82 it’s reduced to. Bearing in mind how long it’s been around already, the original price of €232 is definitely too high.

The best option, if you’re at all interested, would be to download the free ENGINE that it runs on here, and play with the demo. Then buy it if you think it’s worth it.

But be quick as this deal ends on Tuesday the 30th!

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