Deal Review: 70% off Drums of the Deep 2 by Auddict

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If you’ve never heard of Auddict, then you’re in for a very special treat. Ever since I purchased United Strings of Europe, I have been absolutely in love with their products. So, let’s dive deep into Drums of the Deep 2!

Simply Epic

Drums of the Deep 2 is an incredible cinematic percussion Kontakt sample library that offers 8 patches tailored for dramatic action and trailer cues. Some of the instruments included are Field Drums, Frame Drums, Taikos, a Timpani Ensemble, and Huge Toms.

Even though the interface is simple, it’s very effective and streamlined. The UI is clean and feels modern; you won’t have to worry about mucking around and trying to figure out the controls if you’re just wanting to create something out of the box. It features your standard ADSR, pitch, lo-cut / high-cut EQ, and reverb settings. I was able to immediately create something epic without having to tweak any of the parameters. You also have the option to mute, solo, and change the volume of 5 individual mic positions. It’s also worth noting that there is a VU meter, but it actually doesn’t measure anything significant like loudness or decibel levels. Rather, it’s just a neat little addition that animates at certain velocities.

I was really turned off by the odd mapping choices for MIDI, at least compared to other percussion sample libraries. I had to constantly change my octave settings on my MIDI keyboard for every instrument (although to be fair, I am using a small keyboard).

Fierce Competition

But how does it compare to its competitors? I’d say it’s definitely in my top 5 favorite percussion libraries, and that’s saying something. My go-to companies are usually Impact Soundworks, Vienna Instruments, Cinesamples, and EWQL, so Auddict really had to make a huge impression for me in order to add it to my quick-load list. If you’re looking to purchase your first cinematic percussion library, then I feel like for almost the same price (off sale) you could purchase the Drums of War bundle by Cinesamples to better start your cinematic journey. However, if you’re looking to expand your arsenal, Drums of the Deep 2 is a great addition.


In my opinion, this deal is a steal. This sample library stands tall at a hefty 27GB+, including over 20,000 samples that makes every instrument come alive. Even if it weren’t on sale, I would totally buy it at the full-price because I feel like it’s going to be an essential part of my arsenal.

I know you’ll have lots of fun with this one!

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