Deal Review: 85% off the Super Insane Bundle from Soundiron

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It’s certainly been a very busy month for us here at Audio Plugin Guy with these plugin deals and bundles. At the rate we’re going, I’m going to need another SSD dedicated just for reviews! Let’s continue this tradition by checking out the latest Audio Plugin Deals bundle, brought to you by Soundiron.

A Set of Ironclad Sounds

What drew me to this bundle was the weird, yet usable sample libraries like The Beat Boxer and Rust 1. I never thought how much I needed a human beat box or collection of both tuned and struck pipes in my life until I played with this bundle. But if you’re more traditionalist (boring) and want more of a cinematic sound, then The Struck Grand, Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir, Montclarion Grand Piano, and Traveler Organ got ya covered.

Articulations for Days

I was really impressed by how Soundiron managed to squeeze in a seemingly endless amount of articulations for these instruments, especially for Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir. It’s super easy to create a very expressive multi and make it sound realistic in a mix.

Montclarion Grand Piano and The Struck Grand are very emotional and expressive. The same thing can be said for the Traveler Organ—it has a sound unlike any other sample library I’ve used in its category. I’m really grateful for APG allowed me the opportunity to test drive these instruments first-hand (thanks Stu!).

You’ll have loads of fun wit Rust 1, especially if you’re a sound designer for visual media. There are a lot of useful instruments in the sample library. I had a blast playing with the various tuned and percussion pipe sounds Soundiron samples. At the rate I was going, I could’ve been the next member of the Blue Man Group.

I want to also mention that I feel like The Beat Boxer offers an amazingly flexible sound for what it is. You’ll be creating realistic sounding beats suitable for a MC in no time.


Soundiron doesn’t disappoint with this bundle. At first glance, I didn’t expect much from any of these sample libraries. However, after diving deeper and finding weird and creative ways to use each instrument in a mix, I am happy to report that this bundle will be bookmarked and used constantly for my film and television projects!

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