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Deal Review: Sonixinema Hybrid String Collection (60% off from VST Buzz)


Music producers and composers alike are always in need of something extra to add that “oomf” in their work, especially if they want to tell dramatic stories with their music. Sonixinema’s Hybrid String Collection offers that and more unconventional sounds than their competition, which truly offers the user something fresh and inspirational. The sonic possibilities with Hybrid String Collection are seemingly endless.

A New Breed of Cinematic Colours

Instead of just recording a bunch of string trills and FX, Sonixinema goes the extra mile by adding their own unique blend of synthesized sounds in conjunction with recorded instruments. In their own words, “… this library combines not only orchestral textures but more modern instruments such as guitars, bass, mandolin and a wide range of custom designed effects.”

There is a total of 5 instruments to choose from, each containing the original sound with no FX applied and various presets to spark your imagination. I dove into the string instruments, and I wasn’t disappointed. I immediately found inspiration after only playing a few notes, which was phenomenal. The interface is very straight forward and easy to use, allowing everyone to easily create gritty and ominous sounds.

I felt like guitars and bass categories weren’t as imaginative as the other instruments. The bass just sounds like a stock Kontakt instrument you’d use if you weren’t able to afford anything better. However, if you adjust the ADSR and effects parameters, you can still create something out of this world.

The FX Instruments category offers 28 different instruments of weird, dark, and imaginative sounds. If you’re a sound designer for video games, film, and/or television, you’ll have no problem finding your next dramatic cue.

I absolutely adored the Whooshes category. I wish I could say more about them other than they’re just freaking epic. One of my personal favourites is in folder 11_Whoosh_Impact_GTR1, preset 03_GTR1_Squished – I know I’ll be using this one for trailers and dramatic cues.


Sonixinema’s Hybrid String Collection is one of the most unique and modern libraries of its kind I’ve used in a very long time, and I’ve reviewed over 140GBs of sample libraries to date thanks to the amazing folks at Audio Plugin Guy. This collection of sounds is perfect for any sound designer, music producer, and sound designer who needs to find something fresh and unique for their projects. As someone who create music for all sorts of media, including film and television, I can personally recommend this to anyone who is looking for something different to add to their arsenal.

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