Demo: Scanner Vibrato by Martinic

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Audio Plugin Guy would like to introduce to you, Scanner Vibrato from Martinic (if you haven’t already met). This is a lovely sounding little effect plugin that aims to recreate the vibrato effect from classic Hammond organs, and it does it rather well.

Organs Vital?

Nope. One of the great things about pulling the effect out of the organ is that it can be used on any source. The resulting chorus and vibrato effects you can achieve can really enhance a sound and add an analog vibe to almost anything. We’ve been playing with it on synths, guitars, vocals and even drums and found that it really is useful in many situations just to add that extra warmth and/or width a part might need.

Plug in your best headphones, watch our demo vid, and see what you think.

Get Scanner Vibrato, now!

Audio sources used for the demo are Arturia B-3V, AAS Ultra Analog Session and a guitar loop from TrackSpark.

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