Feature: The Synth Sounds of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

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Seriously… who doesn’t want to recreate the exact sounds of the classic In The Air Tonight by trusty drummer/songsmith Phil Collins?!

Okay, maybe not everyone. But I’m pretty sure most of us could learn a thing or two from seeing how it can be done. Well we’re in luck because the gang over at Reverb have put together a video showing us how to do exactly that… with plugins! (In case you didn’t already know… we love plugins.).

Can You Feel It?

In the video above, William Kurk does an excellent job of explaining how to recreate those iconic sounds using both the original hardware and software emulations. Whether you dig Collins or not there’s definitely a few tips to pick up here.

The hardware used is a Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 drum machine and a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 polyphonic synth. But you can get there using the Reverb Roland CR-78 Sample Pack or the Loopmasters Synth Explorer CR-78 Sample Pack for the drums and the Prophet V from Arturia’s AMAZING V Collection. Which we highly recommend checking out regardless. Arturia have truly created some of the most impressive emulations available.

The 80’s sound is further enhanced with the use of a number of of plugins, including:

Waves V-EQ4
Waves C4 Multiband Compressor
iZotope Ozone 8 Standard
Waves MondoMod Chorus
Waves H-Delay
And Waves Renaissance Reverb

These will give you some of that retro vibe and allow you to dial in some classic gated ‘verb. Now go forth and bring the 80’s back! Again! For like the fourth time now?

That sound must have had something going for it to keep coming around every few years. 😉

You can also buy Ableton Live and Logic X session files from reverb.com to dig in and see just what settings are used.

You can read the original article on reverb.com

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