FREE! CrazyCounter


Into whacky polyrhythms? Ever wondered what it would be like to play a beat at a ratio of one to pi with the tempo of your track? If so then this new freebie from Evil Turtle Productions is perfect for you…

CrazyCounter is a simple plugin that yields complex result. It’s a twisted take on a metronome. Rather than just being able to set a basic a time signature it allows you to set the beat in terms of ratios. This can be used to generate interesting cross rhythms that can be sent via MIDI to trigger a VSTi of your choice.

The interface is easy to navigate with the top half used to set the rhythms of the two counters and the lower half used to set the output note pitch, velocity and MIDI channel. So if you have a drum VSTi then you could, for example, set this up to trigger the kick and snare according to the ratios you choose.

For more fun try automating the ratios to change over time… but beware, you may lose track of your beats, which can make dancing along pretty tricky! 😀

If you like this then be sure to check out the other plugins from Evil Turtle on their website, including an expanded version of CrazyCounter called CrazyRhythm.

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