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You may not have heard of Newfangled Audio before. And that would be fair enough as they are a brand new company, founded by Dan Gillespie, the Senior DSP Engineer from Eventide. They are bursting onto the scene with two very interesting mixing and mastering plugins. 

EQuivocate – EQ for Human Music

The core of EQuivocate is a relatively straightforward graphic EQ. It supports between 1 and 26 bands which, by default, are distributed along the Mel Scale between 0 Hz and 20 kHz, however it does allow you to customize the center frequency of each band, technically making this a paragraphic EQ. The filters themselves are linear phase triangular filters, of the kind often used in human auditory models to represent critical bands. Unlike the filters used in analog graphic EQs, these filters are very well behaved over the mel space.

At 0dB these filters will pass your audio untouched, and when boost or cut is added, each band will stay completely independent from it’s neighbor. And unlike some other linear phase filter implementations, these filters have minimal pre-echo or other time domain artifacts. The overall effect is a very pleasant and neutral tone modification, which sounds very natural.

By default, the number of bands is set to 26 and they are spread using the Mel Scale, so that filters should closely represent the critical bands of human hearing. This means each slider is directly tickling a different section of your inner ear. For the purposes of modifying the tonal balance of a complex sound, this should be the most direct way available.

Additionally, EQuivocate adds a Match EQ feature which allows you to match or complement the tone of an audio signal streamed to it’s sidechain input. Because it uses critical bands it provides a true match without trying to model imperceptible differences which can cause a match EQ to overfit and sound natural.

It’s perfect for EQing any sound source meant to be listened to by human ears.

That Sounds Great (Literally) – Can I Have it?!

Yes you can!

Eventide and Newfangled Audio are giving EQuivocate away totally free until the end of October. And what’s more, owning EQuivocate opens up a discounted price for Newfangled’s other fascinating new product… Elevate.

But hey… let’s not give too much away at once. We’ll tell you all about Elevate later. 😉

For now, grab your free license for EQuivocate, now!

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