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FREE! Revival from Slate Digital


You know when you’ve got a mix that sounds incredible, but it’s just lacking a little bit of life in the top and bottom end? I think we all know that struggle all too well, and that’s why Slate Digital’s Revival plugin is a great thing to have in your toolbox of audio tricks.

Revival Skillz

Just by glancing at it, it’s easy to see it’s not a complicated thing. Two knobs, and that’s it; the Shimmer knob adds some really nice air and silky sounding top end to your sources, and the Thickness knob adds a nice round but punchy low end to your sources.

However, it’s not as much of a “kick you in the face” sound as it is a “gently pat your head” sound, so on individual sources it may not be as noticeable as you think.

At this point I imagine you’re thinking “So what? It just adds high and low end.” But it’s more than that! Revival is a plugin that quite literally revives your mix, guitars, drums, or whatever it is you use it on. Don’t just take my word for it though, listen to these audio examples

Raw acoustic track, no processing

Shimmer at 100%, Thickness at 0%

Thickness at 100%, Shimmer at 0%

Shimmer and thickness both at 100%

Same as above, but with the CS-EQ added in

Pretty good, right? I think it’s amazing that a plugin as great and as unique as Revival is free. Yeah, that’s right, free. That being said, you do require an iLok 2 to use it, but if you already have one then you’re good to go!

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