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FREE! TDR Nova – Parallel Dynamic EQ


There’s about ten million free plugins available out there and, let’s be honest, most of them suck. Audio Plugin Guy wants to help you hone in on the great ones and TDR Nova is absolutely one of them. Let us tell you why you need this.

So, first up… like all of Tokyo Dawn Record‘s plugins, Nova is gorgeous! Just look at it… those sensuous dark tones, those voluptuous curves… it just looks beautiful. Which is important in audio, obviously. Okay so maybe that’s a whole other conversation but it’s nice to have some eye candy when you’re working at least.

In addition to being pretty it is also a very functional mixing and mastering EQ. With Nova you get parametric equalization, dynamic equalization, frequency selective compression, multi-band compression and wideband compression. The loudness is automatically equalized as you adjust (though you can bypass this if you wish) so you hear the effect of your decisions without being fooled by volume differences.

Technically this is a less functional version of the Nova “Gentleman’s Edition” but don’t think for a moment that it’s useless. You have fewer bands and you don’t get some of the super-awesome features that GE adds but there is plenty here to make this a must-have plugin.

Just a short list of some of the things Nova can be used for would include, de-essing vocals, attenuating resonances in drums, tightening your low end on a master… along with all your regular EQ needs.

The only bad thing we could say about Nova is that it can be a little CPU hungry, so be aware of that when you loading it up on every track. Maybe you need to print a few to save that precious memory. There is also an ‘economy’ mode that is a little less heavy but remember to turn it back to full power before your final export!

Long story short; you should check this out. And if you do have a spare €50 lying around it would be well spent on upgrading to the GE version.

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