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Glitchmachines Fracture XT – First Play


Glitchmachines are fine purveyors of plugins and sample packs of glorious glitchiness for the discerning glitch-loving glitch-head. Audio Plugin Guy recently got hold of Fracture XT and had a little play.

Fractured Breaks

Check out this five minute video of us sticking a breakbeat through a few presets and just random configurations to see what happens.

Love it? Then buy it!

This plugin is serious fun. As you can hear, it takes one thing and can create something completely unique and dynamic from it. Or it can change it just enough to make it more interesting. The ability to edit and route oscillators all over the place creates endless possibilities for screwing with your sounds.

If you love making glitches or atmospherics then this is well worth getting hold of. And the price is incredibly reasonable.

Buy Fracture XT now!

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