Interview with Joey from Lightning Studios


We’re back with another one of them block rocking Audio Plugin Guy interviews! This time we’re catching up with Joey Doherty from Lightning Recording Studios to chat about their new plugin, Lowmower, and whatever else comes up…

APG: Hi Joey. For those that don’t already know… can you give us an introduction to yourself and Lightning Recording Studios?

Joey: My name is Joey Doherty. I’m a guitarist, a producer, and co-owner of lightning recording studios software. The other half is made up of Connor MacDonald, who is the lead developer and programmer to the team. I handle the creative directing and art/design. Our goal is to provide quality problem-solving plugins, that are also creative and fun to use.

That’s Joey there, that is!

APG: What made you decide to get into audio plugin development?

Joey: Its actually kind of funny, Connor at the time was getting his degree in computer science when his classes started to talk more about digital audio. He asked me one day: “Is there any plugins that don’t exist that you’d like to have?” I respond “Yes, as matter fact let me show you a problem I’m currently running into that I think we could solve.” I won’t give away too much about this plugin as it is currently in the works for future release!

And there’s Connor! HI CONNOR!

APG: Nice! How serendipitous! So what do you see as the main problems that need solving in audio?

Joey: I believe that a lot of the issues you’d run into being a producer, especially a home studio producer, come down to time. The time it takes to edit and set things up before you can get to be creative. For instance, we created LowMower as a solution to poor low end monitoring in most home studios.

We wanted a solution where you can use the plugin and not have to constantly run out to the car to test the low end, or constantly be bringing up and down low end on your master bus. We also have a plugins in the development to cut down time of editing/setting some things up, so you can be creative faster!

APG: Tell us more about LowMower… what exactly does it do? What material should we be using it on?

Joey: LowMower is a Limiter/Clipper that only effects the low end of your signal. It was made to be put on your master bus to keep your low-end from being way too loud. When we released it to our beta test group we found that not only does work great on your master bus, but that it’s great on Kick, and Bass as well.

APG: What has the response been like to LowMower so far?

Joey: The response has been great, especially with our beta testing group. They really helped us to make improvements to the plugin. The retail version of the plugin has 2 new features that were suggested by our beta testers: “Solow” – to solo the affected sound and “Link” to link the input and output for gain compensation.

LowMower. Mowin’ yer lows.

APG: What can you tell us about other plugins you have in development? Tease us… 😉

Joey: Haha, We have a few really awesome plugins going right now. I can tell you our next plugin is gonna be a really great tool for shaping or “chiseling” certain sounds. It will be a simple, yet really awesome plugin. We also have 2 really big plugins in the works that we think will really make things easier, one is based on using drum samples, the other is based on vocal samples. Thats all i can say for now.

APG: What is you’re favourite plugin that already exists?

Joey: This is a really tough question. There’s a lot of really great plugins out there. I’d have to say as far as Virtual Instruments go, I think Serum by Xfer is absolutely amazing. It’s the most versatile Instrument i’ve ever used. I’m still finding ways to create new sounds with it. As far as more conventional plugins go, I really love the Drawmer S73 by Softube. That plugin is simple and has a great sound to it. It’s key to a lot of my mixes.

APG: Which plugin do you think is overrated?

Joey: I’m not sure if there are overrated plugins out there. I’d say overpriced, but not overrated. If i had to choose probably the high-end Waves bundles, that cost over $5k

APG: Are there any Waves plugins you would actually recommend? I have a few that get regular use… and there’s always some kind of sale on with those guys!

Joey: Definitely I’d recommend the CLA compressors as they are great sounding emulations, along with H-Delay, and H-Verb for all you delay and reverb needs, and lastly, I’d recommend RVox for vocals. It really helps to have them sit nicely in the mix!

Note: Check the Waves Specials for huge discounts!

APG: What music are you listening to recently?

Joey: I’ve been listening to Don Broco, Nothing But Thieves, The new Paramore record, Loathe, Bilmuri, and Zoology.

APG: Nice selection. And finally, do you have any parting words for the plugin-heads reading this?

Joey: Yes, Join our Facebook Group and test our upcoming plugins! Also, don’t be afraid to use a plugin in a weird/unconventional way you might just get surprised by the result!

APG: Oh, we totally love using plugins in weird ways… that’s one of our favourite things! 😀

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. We’ll be trying out LowMower on our low ends and looking out for future Lightning Studios releases. Keep us informed! 

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