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Interview with Ron from It Might Get Loud


In our first Audio Plugin Guy interview we chat with Ron D Rock from It Might Get Loud Productions. IMGL are a relatively new company who’ve made a noisy debut in the audio plugin scene with the Kvelt Drums VSTi. Read on to find out more… 

Something Wicked This Way Drums

APG: Hi Ron. Thanks for chatting to APG! For those who don’t already know about you and It Might Get Loud Productions, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

Ron: Well, I’m Ron. I’m a music fanatic, home-studio producer and most importantly I’m 50% of the entity known as It Might Get Loud Productions. We make virtual instruments, plugins and we also run our silly little blog/Youtube channel.

We started IMGL late 2016 simply as an experiment/joke to make audio gear that hasn’t necessarily been available before in digital format. Our first product KVLT Drums came out in January and we’re currently busy af working on our next set of plugins/keeping up our blog  and Youtube.

APG: Sweet. So where exactly did you spot a gap in the plugin market? Who is your target audience?

Ron: In all honesty KVLT Drums filled a personal need, I waited and waited for one of the big ones to come up with a drum library that was grimey enough to be used for such sonic onslaught as Black Metal or Crust Punk. The kit never came around so I decided to process (destroy?) some of my old samples I had recorded at my family’s lakehouse sauna few years earlier.

We wanted to come up with something different. Not necessarily any better but different.

The problem with the plugin/library market is that so many guys are offering the same damn drum kit with different name, miked with different mics, yada yada but they all sound the same (Not saying that they sound bad, they’re anything but) and it unfortunately affects the overall quality in music, no one’s breaking the rules, everyone’s playing it way too safe. We wanted to come up with something different. Not necessarily any better but different.

Ron and Toni: Pissing off Berklee/Juliard type audiophiles since 2017

Our typical follower is usually the broke DIY home-studio producer who’s probably a huge Beavis & Butthead fan, who listens to a broad-range of music but lives by the metal code. I’d say our followers usually think of music in terms of feel & energy.

We mostly piss off the Berklee/Juliard type audiophiles, the 40 year old virgins, the comic book guys, those who think of music as some sort of math equation or social experiment. We probably have way too much fun doing this for their standards.

We welcome everyone with open arms, we try to encourage young ones to pick up the history book and we also try to offer the OG’s to open up and see what possibilities modern technology has to offer.

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Drums of Anarchy

APG: What kinda response have you got so far to your first releases?

Ron: Those who understand what KVLT Drums is and what it isn’t have given us extremely positive feedback so far. A bit overwhelming at times too. Then the ones who don’t get it have probably called it every name on the book.

Customer feedback is everything to me, people can say whatever they want on forums and Facebook groups but when someone takes the time to write a personal email to me saying that I appreciate what you guys do/you could do better here, it makes all this worthwhile. And we do reward those who come to us and tell it to our face.

APG: What’s coming next?

Ron: Our latest Djenthuggah Drums just came out, it’s a shell sample pack and a standalone sampler designed for hard-hitting modern metal. We are also working on a keyboard named “Koji” which will feature some classic SNES sounds.

And we’re working on a vocal instrument called “Dickford” which will feature Rob Halfordish vocal textures, screams, something you can blend in with the original vocals and enhance them. [APG: I’m seriously looking forward to that!]

…don’t take music production so goddamn seriously and remember to have fun! Plugins, it’s a serious addiction but there’s help, you’re not alone.

APG: What’s your most top favourite new plugin you got hold of recently, that isn’t your own?

Ron: Recent plugins that have made my life easier/companies that I respect. Slate Everything Bundle, Softube Volume 1, Room Sound drum libraries, Hornet Graffio, TSE X50, Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound III, Vadim Taranov’s amp sims. Not only do I love their plugins but I also love their way of doing business and/or their philosophy is similar to mine.

I’ve said it plenty of times on our Facebook page that we believe in community, not in competition. Someone makes a killer plugin or drum library… hell… less work for us and more fun for everyone, right? Send us a copy, we’ll make a video of it and hopefully help you sell some more copies.

APG: What’s your least favourite, most overrated plugin out there?

Least favourite: Pro Tools. Most overrated: Neumann U87. I’m just gonna leave it there haha.

APG: What was the last album you listened to?

Ron: I hate to sound like a cliche here, but I don’t really listen to music that much outside of work or when I’m at home. I have some sort of musical piece blasting through the speakers 12-14 hours every day and when I go do groceries/grab a drink in the evening with my girlfriend, radio usually stays off on the way there and back. You learn to appreciate silence in a whole new way haha.

Last time I listened to an album back to back it was probably Def Leppard’s Hysteria, cause I listen to that album multiple times a year just to get some production ideas. Funny thing is I always learn something new even though I swear I’ve heard it at least 300 times already. I used to have a binder full of listening notes based on that album.

I do have my workout Apple Music playlist and I try to see a good number of concerts (lately I’ve seen Lee Ann Womack, Cheap Trick, Anvil & Jackson Browne to name a few) but entire albums are a bit too time constraint for me. One day though, one day…

APG: Finally, do you have any message you’d like to send out to the plugin-heads reading this?

Ron: Keep supporting developers by making music, gear videos, mix tutorials and most importantly by buying, not cracking plugins. And here’s the thing, get in touch with developers! Let us know how you feel, what we could improve etc, otherwise it’s guessing game for us haha.

Also don’t take music production so goddamn seriously and remember to have fun! Plugins, it’s a serious addiction but there’s help, you’re not alone.

APG: Thanks a tonne for taking time to talk to Audio Plugin Guy. It’s been fun! We’ll be knocking out some filthy crust/doom/noise using your plugins very soon. =D

Plugin-heads (that’s you, reader), check out the links throughout this interview to IMGL’s products and if you want to hear them in action, check out this album from Donarhall which used Kvelt Drums throughout!

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