Interview with Jeroen from Evil Turtle Productions

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Hello and welcome to another Audio Plugin Guy interview. This time we’re talking to Jeroen from Evil Turtle Productions about what goes on behind the scenes of the developer that keep surprising us with unusual plugins. 

Turtle Haze, All in my Brain

APG: For those who don’t know you already can you give a little introduction to yourself and Evil Turtle?

Jeroen: My name is Jeroen and I’ve been programming for about 6-7 years now. I’m also a musician, playing in a Industrial Metal band called Prickrott and doing all sorts of personal projects. About two years ago I started getting more serious with/interested in the audio engineering aspects of music and nowadays I aspire to have my own recording studio someday.

Evil Turtle Productions originally spawned from my and my girlfriend’s passion for games and our dream to one day release our own. For the past two years or so I’ve been busy developing our own proprietary engine called Hatchling Engine, so we can build our first title (called Splash Hazard) with it. During this time the first ideas for audio effects etc spawned.

APG: What made you decide to get into plugin development.

Jeroen: Lack of resources actually: I’ve always loved building stuff and have made many whacky and cool electronic audio equipment/instruments in the past. Currently however I don’t have the finances, nor the space, to do this as extensively as I want to. Yet I still had all these cool ideas in my head that I really wanted to do something with.  So a couple of months ago I had the thought: “why not make virtual versions of my ideas, it will be a great way to test and polish them” and thus the first plugin prototypes were born.

APG: Apart from Crazy Counter, which we’ve already written about on this site, what plugins do Evil Turtle have available and what do they do?

Jeroen: We have the big brother of CrazyCounter: CrazyRhythm, which is a programmable drum sequencer that is tailored towards complex (poly)rhythms. It features functionality for odd time signatures, tempo ratios and has a measures section for variations and fills in your rhythms. We are working on an update so that users can store, load and share their rhythms too.

RezzoEQ is an filter effect and has two what we call: “Spring Resonance Filters”. This system uses a very fast spring resonance algorithm that is controlled by the input audio signal and frequencies, the two filters act as a low pass and an high pass. The resonant frequency also responds dynamically to the audio input, giving very interesting results.

OldComms is an emulation of and based on old tube audio gear used by the military and the government (Maxson, Federal, etc). OldComms emulates three pieces of vintage military or government audio equipment: an amplifier, a tone control and a limiter/compressor. We have attempted to emulate an authentic sound for these three modules which results in a warmer tone, with the lower bandwith audio equipment had back in those days. This makes OldComms excellent for things such as (distorted) guitars and distorted vocals.

We also have the following free plugins:

Trem-O-Death is a tremolo effect with variable open and close times made for the vocalist of my band Prickrott.

16Synth is a experimental modulation-based synthesizer in which each oscillator can modulate the other, along with an tempo-synced LFO for each oscillator to create rhythmically morphing sounds and effects. It has a build in delay and low/high pass filters. This prototype was originally made in SynthEdit, but we are planning to remake a better version in native code, like our paid plugins.

PolyDrums was one of our first attempts at making a drum computer using our tempo ratio’s system and was the basis for CrazyCounter, CrazyRhythm and in the future: CrazyMelody.

APG: Who are your target audience and how do you imagine people using your plugins in their projects?

Jeroen: I’d say people who love to experiment. And I’m hoping that the plugins boost people’s creativity and make them come up with cool/creative new music.

Deep Turtle in Rock

APG: What are you working on next?

Jeroen: There are some updates planned for our paid plugins, adding new features and polishing existing ones. We have some really cool plugins planned for the (near) future, such as an modular synth/effects rack that allows users to design (and share) their own modules down to the very circuits themselves, a math-synthesizer, a transformer-based distortion and an emulation of a vintage solid-state reel-to-reel deck preamp section.

APG: What are your favourite existing plugins?

Jeroen: The stock plugins that Reaper (DAW) offers are pretty awesome, I use ReaEQ and ReaComp in pretty much every project. Addictive Drums 2 is my primary drum sampler (although I hope to record real drums myself someday 😉 ) For guitars I mostly use TSE X50 and the LePou series, for me those plugins just sound as good as an virtual amp emulation can get for my budget (LePou being free :D) and give me the tones I want.

APG: What was the last album you listened to?

Jeroen: Diablo Swing Orchestra’s Pandora Pinata it’s an fantastic mix of genres made by some insanely talented people 😀

APG: Do you have any parting messages for our readers?

Jeroen: Be daring in your creativity, do what you feel like even if it takes a leap of faith or a gamble and thereby don’t constrain yourself. It is how I approach everything I do 😉

And of course I’m looking forward to what people can do with the things I have created.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Jeroen. Looking forward to seeing what you come out with next!

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