News: Klevgrand release Grand Finale

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Yup… Klevgrand are back with another addition to their range of music production tools. This time it’s an all-in-one mastering plugin that is looking pretty sweet at first glance. Let’s dig a little deeper…

Finish Him!

This new plugin is called Grande Finale and it is a multi effect plug-in that can be used from mastering right down individual audio tracks. Though it does seem geared toward sitting on your mixbus to add the final sheen to your track.

There are a number of modules available including trim, multi-band compression, stereo widening and EQ as well as a parallel compression/distortion section. Each module has a few algorythms to choose from for different flavors and all the necessary knobs and sliders to dial them in. Finally there’s meters to watch your levels.

Having become big fans of Klevgrand’s products we’re quite excited to dive in and try this new one out and will be back with a more in depth review as soon as we are able!

In the meantime, check it out for yourself via the link below.

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