News: Sonarworks releases Reference 4


If you’ve read our review of Reference 3 headphone calibration then you’ll know that we’re fans of Sonarwork’s amazing software. So we’re very excited to hear that a new version has been released in the form of Reference 4.

What’s new then?

Reference still does the same job, adjusting the audio output to your speakers or headphones to be as flat and as clear as possible. But now it does it better and faster, and for more models.

Reference 4 introduces zero latency. No extra latency means that it can be used for tracking as well as mixing so you can have that accuracy whilst recording without any annoying delay.

The number of supported headphones has been increased to 101 models. The tech behind the plugins has been improved so existing profiles have been updated for even better accuracy.

The speaker measurement module has been updated to be faster to set up and easier to use. There’s also a planned upgrade due by the end of 2017 that improve the algorithms to account for monitor sweet-spots. It’s all very clever stuff! All Reference 4 users will get this feature for free.

Both the headphone and full studio editions now include Systemwide, which was previously sold separately. Systemwide is an app version of the plugin that works at an operating system level to calibrate all audio leaving your machine. This is great for accurate monitoring of other sources, like iTunes or even computer games, but also means you don’t have to remember to switch the plugin off in your DAW before exporting your final mix or master (which is a huge pain in the a** when you forget and have to export everything again!).

Reference 4 is available now in headphone and studio editions as well as part of bundles including the measurement mic and various models of calibrated headphones. There are also upgrade prices available for owners of Reference 3.

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