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NEWS: UVI release Meteor and it’s making a big impact…


Dear. God. UVI have done it again. Say a huge, whooshing, crashing, “HELLO!” to Meteor. We think you’re gonna like it… 


Meteor is a “swell and impact designer” for game, film and music. And for fun, let’s be honest. Fundamentally it is a sample layering plugin which allows you to combine three whooshing riser sounds and four explosive impact sounds. It is structured specifically to create incredible, cinematic sounding effects for which you can control a variety of parameters.

We’re suckers for an interface that makes us feel like we’re controlling alien tech in a high-budget sci-fo movie… so Meteor gets our interest before it’s even made a sound. There are two sections, Main and Settings. the first being a simplified version of the second. Both are nicely designed and easy to get the hang of.

The basic parameters you can tweak include the length of the rise part (which can be free or tempo based), the volume, panning and send FX (built in reverb and delay) levels of each sample used, the master volume and ‘thrust’ (multi-band compression to make it HUGE). Getting deeper you can offset the point where the rise and the impact starts, specify the crossover type and edit each riser sample’s volume curve, distortion amount, filtering and pitch, and each impact sample’s offset, transient control, distortion, filter, pitch and whether an IRCAM granular effect is applied. Delving even deeper you can set up all kinds of modulation and fine tune the effects.

Quite a lot of candy for us tweakers.

As a sound design tool with a very specific purpose this plugin is incredible. You very quickly get very satisfying results by playing around and using the randomise functions. There’s also an extensive collection of presets to use as starting points. Many are actually quite usable as instruments, so this isn’t just for games and movies but music too.

The only thing we can see people finding a bit disappointing is the inability to load in your own samples. That said, the provided sound library is extensive and and inspiring, including exclusive field recordings, foley, synthscapes, textures, effects and instruments including symphonic orchestra sessions directed specifically for Meteor. Enough to keep you busy for a long long time.

Minimum System Requirements
• UVI Workstation 2.6.15+ or Falcon 1.4.1+
• 7 GB of disk space

Meteor is available immediately at an introductory price of $99 / 99€ through February 28th, 2018
(regularly $149 / 149€) from the UVI online shop.

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