News: UVI Release Nagoya Harp

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Developers of fantastic sample-based instruments, UVI,  have just announced the latest addition to their collection of world instruments. Nogaya Harp is inspired by a beautiful stringed instrument capable of a range of sounds from guitar-like strums to harp plucks and bowed sustains.

Play it Your Way

Nagoya Harp has two modes; STRUM and KEYS. The former creating more traditionally played sounds whilst the latter expands the palette to include more modern and experimental playing styles using a variety of techniques and tools.

As usual, UVI haven’t skimped on the quality and controllability. Over 20,000 samples have been used (you’ll need at least 7gb spare for the whole thing). These allow for a very impressive range of expression, nuance and detail. Further control is provided with ADSR amplitude envelope, mono-mode with glide, a multi-mode filter, release volume, alternate and unison stereo modes and easy modwheel assignments of vibrato, tremolo and filter.

The keyboard controls take a bit of learning so be sure to read the manual to ensure you are getting the most out of this instrument. You can also refine your mix using any combination of condenser, ribbon and tube microphones.

Beyond the huge range of samples there are a number of on-board effects including a convolver reverb, overdrive, eq, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb available. This all adds up to a very versatile and organic sounding instrument.

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