RackFX Private Beta Mini Review

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We have something a bit different for you in this quick review. Even though it technically isn’t a plugin, you’re still able to use this service on your computer.

Have you ever wanted to use famous analog hardware used on countless records but couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars? Then RackFX is your answer. With the advancements in cloud technology, RackFX allows any user from around the world to use their favorite analog hardware and more for as low as $0 per recorded stem.

Here’s how it works: once you have access to use RackFX, you upload your stems to their server and choose which equipment you would like to use. Then, depending on your selection, you’ll have the option to tweak the individual parameters of the equipment you chose and it’ll send you a high quality recording of your processed audio. You can even queue up multiple recordings on various devices of your choosing. There are also units that have to be manually processed by the folks at RackFX, like tape saturation and select effects processors.

Seeing is believing. Check out their demonstration above.

RackFX is currently in private beta. I was fortunate enough to receive access and test it out myself.

The results were outstanding. My processed audio sounded clean with a hint of analog saturation. Of course, there is a wait time considering it has to process the entire audio file and I was one of the only few logged in at the time so I didn’t have to wait in line. I only tested out free devices because I didn’t have any stems I felt we’re worthy for some of the equipment options I had. However, I am definitely going to work on a song and process my audio through their Roland RE-201.

There are only a handful of equipment available at the moment, including a dbx 160, Empirical Labs Distressor, a literal reverb tube, and quite a few more. And if you own equipment you have the option to process audio for a fee. You probably won’t become a millionaire from it, but you’ll definitely be able to buy a beer or two with it.

Overall, their service is still quite young and has a lot of growing to do. It’s definitely something to keep on your radar.

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