Review: Amalgame by Inear Display

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Amalgame is the latest offering from creative and destructive plugin developers, Inear Display. We’ve been delving in and mucking about with it… Check out what we think and watch our first-play video to get an idea of just what this baby can do.

Well that Escalated Quickly

Amalgame is a muti-FX processor that allows you to create sequences of various effects. There are six slots and 23 effects to fill them with, ranging from basic stuff like panning, levels and filters, through more creative stuff like delays and reverbs, to more intense and destructive effects such as distortion, ring-mods and stutters. Each effect has two variable parameters, mapped to an X/Y pad. You can also setup sequential changes to the X and Y values over time, allowing for rhythmical or random changes in the intensity and style of the effect in question.

We particularly enjoyed the SCREAMO, DRILLA and RING TRASHER (which also has a name that makes our inner 15 year schoolboys snigger) but they’re all pretty wonderful in themselves, and combined they’re sublime…

Ultimately this all allows you to go from clean to chaos with a few drags, drops and clicks. It is very satisfying to set up and the possible combinations of effects, parameters and automation allows for literally infinite results. This is our kinda plugin. 😀

And if you want a quick bit of inspiration you can randomise various elements or the whole damn sequence, to come up with unique starting points to work from.

Break it Down, APG

APG gonna break it down for ya right now… Or at least go into a little more detail. There’s a lot of great effects available here and we’re not gonna describe all of them. You can right-click on them in the interface for full details on what they do.

They’re colour coded into these categories; utility processors, filter processors, delay processors, modulation/timbre alteration processors, distortion processors, and special processors. The interface is pretty easy to get the hang of and is mostly drag and drop. One click will open up the X or Y, tempo linked sequence editors which are simple to work with and can be turned on and off as required. Effects can also be re-arranged by ctrl/cmd clicking and dragging.

The combination of all these things allows you to do anything from subtle colouring or widening effects to full-on rhythmical sequences of distortion and delay. It’s a huge playground that we’ll be exploring indefinitely!


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