Review: Atom for Kontakt by Audiomodern

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ATOM is a very cool Kontakt library that features soundscapes, ambiences, pads, and melodic patches. If you’re a sound Designer looking to add something special to you works, ATOM can help ya out. Let’s check it out!

These Sounds Are The ATOM-Bomb

I know that was a horrible pun, but that’s the only way I can describe the sound of ATOM.

Atom has two layers of sound sources. The same 180+ sources are available on both layers and you can mix and match as you need to. Atom features a custom convolution reverb impulse engine, full synthesiser LFO’s, filters, envelopes and a powerful dual arpeggiator engine for those looking to take their sound further than the preset patches.

Every patch offers something unique that can easily set the mood of any song you’re working on, especially if you’re looking for something ambient or ominous. Some of the presets have a combination of foley recordings and ambient noise, which works well in this context. If you don’t like any of the sounds in that particular preset, then you can easily swap them out with one of the many sounds they have provided.

The UI is very clean and modern, although I do have to adjust my Kontakt window in order to see all of it. It’s simple, yet elegant. ATOM is very flexible and allows you to create the sound you need. More than anything, it’s definitely a tool for sound designers. However, there are a few melodic patches that have a very moody sound, which is perfect for emotional cues.


ATOM is a really good tool for sound designers, especially if you’re pressed for time. Its engine allows users to easily sculpt their desired sound, or browse through several presents that inspire creativity and experimentation. You gotta check this one out!

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