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Review: Backmask from Freakshow Industries


Here’s a plugin unlike any plugin we’ve ever seen before. We literally didn’t know what it’s supposed to do but we were so massively intrigued by the marketing on their website that we downloaded it within seconds. Now let’s find out what it’s all about.

Uhm… WTF?

If you visit the website for Freakshow Industries you will find a very well designed and put together page that tells you nothing about what the plugin actually does beyond “BACKMASK USES GOVERNMENT APPROVED PARADOX PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES TO EXPOSE THE HIDDEN TERRORS OF MUSIC. UNCOVER THE PLOTS OF GHOSTS, ALIENS AND OTHER ROGUE ENTITIES WITH FREAKSHOW INDUSTRIES BACKMASK”.

Which doesn’t give a lot away. So we got it up and running to see what it would do to some sounds. Watch the first play, above.

Still none the wiser?

So yeah… it’s deliberately not very clear what’s going on here. In their own words, “We eliminate the learning curve by making it impossible to learn.”.

But it sounds great and it’s a LOT of fun. We’re not even gonna do an APG score for this one because it’s so far out there it’s not really rateable by our standard criteria. Let’s just say we love it. And maybe you will too.

And seriously, check out the website. It’s top quality meta-modern comedy, if nothing else. =D

You are given the option to buy or steal the plugin… but for just $20, we’re sold. These guys deserve it for the originality and effort that has gone into this product and brand as a whole.


  1. Thanks once again for showcasing and interesting newcomer to the often predictable plugin world.

    I have over thirty years in advertising and production and their launch site is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    I ordered Backmask (and a t-shirt) on the strength of their concept and presentation. Frankly I don’t even care if the first plugin works, because people this creative SHOULD be able to create amazing plugs. We should encourage these folks.

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