Review: BeatBox Anthology 2 by UVI

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If Phil Collins and Moby conceived a child together, UVI’s BeatBox Anthology 2 would be their offspring. This massive drum machine sample library features over 100 drum machines spanning four decades. Whether you’re looking for cheesy 80s snares, phat 808 kicks, or wanting to explore your creative boundaries, this sample library covers almost every base.

Owning A Piece of History

Before I even begin my review, I have to point out that I am very biased when it comes to choosing the perfect drum machine sample library. As a connoisseur of both digital and analogue drum machines, I am always looking for software recreations and emulations that allow me to create an authentic sound without having to find its very expensive (we’re talking upwards of $10,000) counterpart. With that said, it is in my humble opinion that UVI was able to do that and more with BeatBox Anthology 2.

At just over 3GBs, you’ll have a rich history of iconic sounds ready to be used in your favorite DAW. Speaking of iconic sounds and Phil Collins, you’ll be able to use the same drum machine used for In The Air Tonight.

More Than Just the Classics

Of course, this sample pack features all the classics like the 909, LinnDrum, and many more. But what about some of the lesser known ones? Maybe you’re looking for something more modern and fresh. UVI made sure its users had the option to play with a wide range of drum machines, including some of the more recent ones like Arturia’s DrumBrute and even Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator. But they don’t stop there, oh no. They even created their own drum kits from synthesizers like Arturia’s MatrixBrute and the KORG PS-3200. There are no creative boundaries for this library.


Every piece the drum machine is separated into sections, allowing you swap out different pieces of the kit to truly create something unique for your song. Looking for an 808 kick with a hi-hat from a Simmons drum synthesizer and a snare drum from a KORG DDD-1? They got you covered. Then you’ll be able to use its built-in sequencer or control your samples via MIDI to create the ultimate drum fill for your mix. Each section of the drum machine allows internal FX sends, meaning you can add delay on the snare and reverb for the kick drum without having to open multiple instances of the plugin.


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