Review: Brusfri by Klevgrand


Swedish devs, Klevgrand, are known for their unique, gorgeous looking/sounding, and rather esoterically designed synths, such as the recent release, Syndt. They also make a range of effects and functional plugins, the latest being Brusfri, which we’ve been checking out. 

C’mon Bring the Noise

Yeah bring it. And we’ll kill it. With Brusfri.

Because this is what Brusfri does. Plain and simple. It’s a noise reduction plugin and it works well. Also, being from Klevgrand, it looks very nice whilst it does it.

The controls are very easy to grasp. Simply hold the learn button to capture the noise (note that you have to use this on a part of the recording that’s supposed to be silent, but contains noise… don’t hold it down whilst the audio that is supposed to be there is audible!). Brusfri then applies a number of frequency targeted expanders to ensure the silent parts are actually silent.

Aside from capturing the noise there are some other basic controls which affect the expander envelope and the tone. But it pretty much works without tweaking and these are for rare cases when the basic settings don’t fully eliminate the noise.

Job Done

That’s it really… no bells, no whistles. No noise. We tested it out on a variety of sources and found it worked perfectly with, at worst, a minimal effect on the tone of the source.

Jeez… that’s a really short review.

There’s really not much more to say though… it does what it does, with style.

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