Review: DRC Synth from Imaginando


DRC is a unique synthesiser plugin from Imaginando that not only sounds great but has an extra special feature that makes it incredibly useful for the producer on the go.

Head in the Cloud

Before I even start to get into the sweet noises you can make with this thing I want to gush a little about what makes it really exciting. Imaginando’s DRC is cross-platform and works as a VST on both Macs and PCs. Big deal… but as well as this, it is also available as a free app on iOS and Android. Okay… so that’s nice and all but what is REALLY cool is that you can send the patches you create in any version to THE CLOUD to be downloaded and used in any other version.

This means that you can now be sound designing on your phone whilst on the train, on the toilet, in the office pretending to work on a spreadsheet or wherever you are…  And then you can pull these sounds down into the plugin in your DAW and start writing music with them!

This is very exciting for me as I don’t like to waste time not doing music related stuff and this means I can spend even more time on sound design. I’m even tempted to start getting the train instead of driving to work (side note, don’t design sounds whilst driving).

Get DRC now!

But is it a good synth?

Well this is the great thing… unlike many app synths, this is actually pretty damned good. Especially if you like making unique, out-there sounds (like I do), but also for regular basses, leads, pads etc.

The synth itself is made up of two oscillators, plus a sub and a noise channel with a master filter. There are two envelope generators and two LFOs as well as an arpeggiator. Finally there’s delay, reverb and chorus effects. With the ability to assign LFOs and envelopes to various parameters, the possibilities for new sounds are pretty much infinite. There is a strong element of analog modelling involved which means the sounds do have a nice organic sound to them when the virtual circuits get warm.

It is true that some of the time you can end up making just a horrible horrible noise… but that’s part of the joy of sound design! Once you get the hang of how everything ties together you can really begin to craft some great patches to take further in your music or sound design journey.

Less words, more sounds and pictures please…

Alright, you short-attention-spanned millennial type person you! Here’s a video from the makers themselves. Check it out.


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