Review: MMultiAnalyzer from MeldaProduction

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Here at Audio Plugin Guy we’re big big big fans of MeldaProduction’s vast range of incredibly powerful and adaptable plugins. But if there’s one ‘desert island’ Melda plug we couldn’t live without it would have to be MMultiAnalyzer. Let us tell you why…

One Analyser to Rule Them All

So MMultiAnalyzer is a spectrum analyser (I’m from the UK so I’m using the right spelling, no need to correct me). But we all already probably have spectrum analysers build into our DAWs or our equalisers (also proper English spelling), so why get another one. Well this one also has a sonogram and loudness meter… which, again, you can kinda pick up for free. The HOFA freebie collection for example.

If you’re not sold so far, fair enough. But you see, the thing that makes MMultiAnalyzer something special is the ‘Multi-‘ bit.

The amazing feature that this plugin come with is the ability to run multiple instances of it in one project, but view all the results in one window. This literally allows you to watch the frequency spectrums of each part of your project on top of each other, dancing their beautiful dance in wonderful harmony. Not only is this cool to watch but it is incredibly helpful when mixing to work out where you might need to work on EQ, rewrite/edit parts or change samples to better fit with other samples. It’s basically a perfect visual aid to mixing (which, as we’re sure you know, is not as important using your ears, but is still very useful).

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Collisions, Collisions, Collisions…

Working with multiple instances also enables another very cool feature of MMultiAnalyzer, which is the collision detector. This simply highlights frequency areas where different parts overlap. So if your strings are mushing in with your guitar, or your bass is hiding your kick, any masking issues at all, you can quickly see the frequencies where they clash the most and deal with them accordingly. How much simpler will our mixing lives be now?! A lot simpler.

So there you go. That’s basically why we love it so much and keep MMultiAnalyzer in our hearts and in all our mixing templates. Oh yeah, and it’s pretty cheap too, all things considered. If you’re patient you can also wait for it to come up in one of Melda’s ‘Eternal Madness’ sales and get it half price.

Check out this vid from Melda that shows MMultiAnalyzer in action. But note that it has since been upgraded with some extra features and a sexier interface.

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