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REVIEW: Objeq Delay from AAS


Ealier this year, Applied Acoustics Systems released Objeq Delay. Described by it’s designer as “…a truly creative and fun effect with multifaceted applications”, it sounded right up the Audio Plugin Guy alley. So we got hold of it and tried it out.

The Objeq of Your Desires

Objeq goes beyond the regular delay model (though it does this very well) and adds a couple of twists to the concept. These are the ‘Object’ section; a resonant filter that creates new, tonal sounds from the source audio, and the ‘LFO’ section; which allows you to alter elements of the delay over time in various ways.

With these controls you can create sounds that are very different from the source, yet still shaped by it. This allows for some very interesting and out-there sound design. Or you can be more subtle and use Objeq to enhance a sound in unique ways. I found Objeq Delay excellent for adding width and character to percussive sounds.

All the controls are available on one interface and are easily automated, making it fairly simple to start dialling in the effect you desire. There is also a decent list of presets to get you started. They’re collected into very self-explanatory groups, making it easy to quickly find a preset in the right area.

As delay plugins go, Objeq is definitely unique. However, there are a few other delay plugins out there that can be used very creatively and I’d recommend closely looking at what each one can do before choosing one. I feel like this could offer a bit more for the price range it’s in.

That said, the ‘object’ section does set it apart from other delays and means it has a special place in my arsenal for getting specific jobs done. It is worth grabbing if it’s on sale.


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