Review: The Riser by AIR Music Technology

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The Riser is one of those plugins you either think is pointless or genius… pointless maybe because you could probably achieve very similar results using a combination of stock synths, effects, LFOs and automation. Genius, because with The Riser, you don’t have to go to all that trouble.

The Only Way is Up, Baby

And back down again, to be fair.

The Riser exists for one pure purpose; the creation of riser and drop effects. It facilitates this by bringing together three sound generators with a bunch of parameters that have definable start and end points. These are further affected by a filter, distortion, an amp and effects, plus a bunch of LFOs that can be linked to all these parameters.

This allows for an infinite number of combinations to get you from A to B. If you are creating the kind of music that benefits from the dynamics of a whoosh and fall here and there then The Riser could be very useful for you. Check out our first play video to see what it can do right out of the box.

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