Review: Soothe by Oeksound

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You may have noticed we don’t really do bad reviews here at Audio Plugin Guy… that’s because we want to tell you about the plugins that excite us and/or impress us. This may be a teeny bit subjective but hey, we’re just a funky little webzine and we just wanna have fun and be happy.

Anyway… what were we talking about…? Oh yes! While not necessarily that exciting, Soothe from relative newcomers, Oeksound, is definitely impressive. Soothe is a simple but highly effective little plug that is designed to totally de-harsh your buzz. In a good way.

Soothe Operator

Soothe is a spectral processor that behaves kinda like a dynamic EQ and is focussed on the mid to high frequencies. This means it can be used for audio cleaning tasks such as de-essing, resonance control and removing harshness from a sound. This is a perfect example of a plugin that does a specific job very well.

The two things that make Soothe different to other dynamic EQs or multi-band compressors are the sound quality and the interface. Several years of research and development have resulted in a responsive EQ tool that is free from artefacts, pre-ring and crossover issues. This allows it to genuinely clean up a sound without making it any worse. At the standard resolution it sounds clean and also doesn’t hog. If you want ultimate clarity you can push the resolution and oversampling to the max, but this will use up more RAM so be prepared to print the cleaned up tracks for further mixing.

And the other thing…?

Ah yes. The other thing. 

The other thing that makes Soothe stand out to us is the interface. We are suckers for attractive and functional interface on a plugin and Soothe has it all. With a minimalist design, reminiscent of the ‘Swiss School’ style designs of Valhalla’s exceptional plugins, Soothe is as soothing on the eye as it is on the ears.

The controls are easy to grasp once you realise they work in the opposite way to a regular EQ. Pulling the nodes higher results in more reduction, whilst everything else is much as you would expect. The only thing we’d like extra would be to be able to control the bandwidth with the mouse scroller, rather than just the bandwidth dial.

Other controls include depth and selectivity to control how drastically the sound is affected. There’s also a delta option to listen to just the affected frequencies, which is really useful for dialling in the EQ precisely.

All in all, Soothe is a lovely tool to work with if you do the kind of work that it requires.

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