Review: Subculture – Falcon Expansion from UVI

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UVI has just released their latest expansion for the super-synth creation plugin, Falcon. And it goes deep. 

Subculture is a collection of 110 filthy bass patches ranging from hard hitting stabs, through growls and phasing neuro sounds to throbbing, time-synced rhythms and expansive atmospherics. And they all sound immense, intense and… well… good. Really good.

The patches are grouped into five sections; Classic, Composite, Effects, Free and Sync.

The options in the Classic collection alone are instantly inspiring and ready to use for banging basslines in a range of genres. The Composite patches lend themselves to long held, evolving notes. The Effects selections are far more spaced out and wouldn’t be out of place in a stylised sci-fi movie. Finally the Free and Sync folders contain more rhythmical and percussive patches that are in free time or locked to the project tempo respectively.

Check out the demos below using these sounds.

The main interface keeps things relatively simple with some intuitive dials to control the sound, mix of elements, effects and envelopes. Each patch comes with a couple of it’s own specific controls, so look out for those. Everything can be automated or MIDI linked to add extra interest to your music.

Just fire it up and pretty soon you’ll be dialling in some incredible sounds. However, if you do want to get your hands as dirty as these basses you can delve into the EDIT section of Falcon and really play with the guts of these patches.

In all honestly… this reviewer is happy with the surface controls and is already creating some nasty bass riffs with this beast. But if you wanna tweak harder, the option is there.

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