Review: Superchord by LMDSP

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We recently became aware of Superchord from independent developers LMDSP. This plug in does something very specific, but it does it very well, and with enough parameters to make it a very useful effect for a variety of purposes. Intrigued? then read on… 

Chord of the Rings

Superchord essentially emulates a number of ‘strings’ ringing in sympathy with whatever audio you put through it. In much the same way that you might hear your guitar strings vibrating in a room when you make a loud noise. You can control the pitch of the individual strings as either fixed notes or notes send via MIDI and you can tweak the sound of the strings in a variety of ways. There’s also a few extra effects that can be applied to the output, such as filters and saturation.

The result is something like a vocoder but not really like a vocoder. It’s hard to explain so let us show you instead. Here’s a video of us mucking about with it.

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  1. This is an exciting new product and I purchased it as a result of your demo and the simple fact that you brought it to my attention. Please keep letting us know about excellent apps like this from small developers. This is a great buy! – Ken


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