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Review: TDR Limiter 6 GE


Tokyo Dawn Records make some of the finest free plugins out there (check out Nova for example), and their paid ones are exceptional and affordable. If you’re looking for a high quality, clean and affordable limiter for your mastering need then you might wanna check out Limiter 6 GE

Limit to Win it

TDR’s Limiter 6 actually consists of more than just a limiter.  Based on the original Limiter No. 6 from Vladg Sound, it is made up of five modules; a Dynamics Compressor, a Clipper, a High Frequency Limiter, a Peak Limiter and an Output Protection Limiter. The first four of these can be dragged into whatever order suits your needs. On the very end is a True Peak and EBU Loudness Meter.

Each module has a number of options and settings as well as the expected dials for gain, threshold, ratio etc… it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available so we’d highly recommend reading the manual, watching the demo vid and taking time with each module to learn just how everything works.

Having all these options in one allows you to very neatly sculpt the dynamics of your sound to achieve impressive loudness without degradation in quality, all the while keeping an eye on the meters to avoid overdoing it. It really is one of the most comprehensive dynamics processing plugins we’ve used… and it’s only fifty Euro!

On top of all that, this plugin has the trademark Tokyo Dawn GUI style: Clean, clear and classy. The same can be said for the sound quality. These guys never let us down with their plugins and we recommend them all.

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