Review: Turbine from Boom Library

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You know we dig plugins that are one of a kind here at Audio Plugin Guy and so you’ll understand why we dig Turbine from Boom Library. This one does a specific job but is way open to abuse… 

Vrooooooooom Neowwww Neowwww WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!

Turbine is a sound design plugin that emulates the sound of an aircraft engine. In great detail.

You didn’t know you wanted a plugin that did that, did you? But now you kinda do… don’t you?

There’s an obvious practical use for this plugin, which is sound design for film and games. But we just love it for making interesting, moving sounds for risers, falls or just for funsies (plus we’ll deffo be using them in some tracks… sampled, chopped, resampled and mangled etc, as per, and so on).

The interface is really cool and consists of the engine section with a schematic of the turbine in questions and a bunch of controls to tweak the sound, plus the all important THRUST slider to ramp up the power. Then there’s the simulation section where you can simulate the movement of the sound source from left to right, front to back, up and down. Finally there’s a preset window where you can choose your aircraft. Options include a range of civil and military planes as well as some more out-there options for non-real, creative sounds.

This is basically the software embodiment of being a child, pretending to be an aeroplane and making all the accompanying noises. Just have a play and you’ll see what we mean.

Aaand back to Earth

Audio plugins aren’t just for fun though [They’re not?! – Ed]. Well not all of them… this one, as mentioned, does have practical uses and we can see it revolutionising how game and film audio is made. The engine noise really does sound very realistic and the simulations generate a genuine fly-by sound when used with automation and real-world parameter values. If you’re into that kind of sound design then we strongly recommend you check this one out.

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