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Review: UVI Relayer – Precision Creative Delay


Just when you think you’ve got all the delay plugins you need… along comes another one! Relayer recently hit our radar as it’s currently on special offer. So we checked it out to see what it can do. 

What doesn’t Relayer do…?

Is probably an easier question to answer…

Watch our play-through video above to get an idea of the possibilities.

If you just want a simple, super basic echo to slap on a track then this is going to be overkill. Because Relayer lets you get super deep into the detail and control of your delay. More so than any delay plugin I’ve tried before.

Relayer is built around a set of thirty-two available delay lines, like an extreme multi-tap delay. Each of those taps can have different settings for time, gain and pan as well as be put through two effects. This is before going to the actual echo style delay section which has many of its own variables, including feedback drive, drive styles, ducking, modulation and diffusion. Finally there is a colour setting which applies one of a long list of tone changing filters (I believe they are impulse responses) to the delay, and a master hi/lo pass filter.

There is virtually no part of the process that can’t be tweaked to your heart’s desire. The controls are incredibly clear and easy to pick up, meaning you can start creating without a huge learning curve. Most importantly, it sounds fantastic.


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