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Sample Pack Showcase Volume 1


Well… have we got something special for you! Audio Plugin Guy has been working together with a number of sample pack producers and is very proud to bring you the very first installation of the Audio Plugin Guy Sample Pack Showcase. 

Free Samples for Everyone!

Yes. We are now giving you a taster pack of top quality audio samples for you to use however you wish. Totally free. For nothing. Nada. All you have to do is be on our mailing list and you will be sent the download link shortly after! You can sign up quickly below:

The idea is that we are showcasing the talents of a variety of sample pack producers in a variety of styles. We’ve selected a number of quality samples from different packs to give you a taste of what is available. In volume one we have six different producers involved and a total of ninety-six free, high-quality samples (620mb).

What’s in the pack, Jack?

Well my name’s not “Jack” but I’ll tell you anyway… we have a selection of samples taken from the following packs.

Digital Rain Lab – Space Station

Digital Rain Lab is a sound design studio and independent sfx library producer. The range of services include audio branding, sound for linear and interactive experiences, industrial sound design, tv spots and feature films. Over the years DRL has provided bespoke sound for Yotaphone, Lipton, Knorr, Finnair, Adidas, Phillips, Schueco, and many others.

Space Station is a huge collection of designed futuristic ambiances, loop-able room tones, drones, and individual interior sound elements, that are made to provide a truly diverse sonic palette for designing spacious soundscapes for science fiction, horror, fantasy, dramas and documentaries. This pack has everything you need, all in one place. Space Station contains a whopping 7.6GB worth of 500+ 24bit/96kHz sounds, each embedded with Soundminer metadata.

Glitchedtones – Impact

Glitchedtones is a UK-based sound effects label with a focus on bringing unique audio content to media producers of all genres. Specializing in glitch elements using unconventional sound generators and recording techniques, the Glitchedtones output is perfect for anyone seeking audio with an edge. Feedback loops, granular synthesis, databending, circuit bent toys and more are exploited to deliver a versatile palette of unique sounds suited to a variety of multimedia projects.

Impact is a 100 sound collection of light and heavy abstract hits sourced from lo-fi recordings of the destruction of laptops, mobile phones and a handheld games console. The sounds have been manipulated with extreme editing and digital processing – leaving little to no trace of the original recordings behind – to bring a series of production elements ready to drop into your latest trailer, environment or Industrial/EDM music production. Featuring huge sonic eruptions, metal on metal collisions, robotic movement, found sound snare drums, tech debris and more, this versatile array of sound effects may be just what you need to give your latest production that extra bit of Impact.

Gregor Quendel – Designed Circuits

Gregor Quendel is a sound designer and field recordist, currently living in Berlin. With a creative and sometimes unusual approach to sound, the main focus is to explore the world around us from different perspectives. From raw to cinematic, from micro to macro, everything has a story to tell.

Designed Circuits captures the essence of electric circuits and transforms them into something new. It features special effects, ambiences, glitches, drones, and more, that range from heavily designed to basic elements.

Recorded with a LOM Elektrosluch 3+, designed with various fx tools.

Designed Circuits is a collaboration with Will Organ.

Lesser Vibes – Artificial Life

Lesser Vibes (AKA Sergey Eybog) is a music composer and sound designer engaged in post-production audio for computer games and various media. His career started in the early 2000’s, when he discovered tracker music software and began to release music under nickname Vibe/CRC, some of which received high praise in demoscene-related community. In 2004 he began to work as a freelance music composer, collaborating with various Russian game developers. In 2010, Sergey was invited to work in Strategic Music as a full time sound designer and music composer. Since 2016, Sergey has been working as a freelance audio specialist with various game development studios, creating game scores and sound effects for many projects.

Artificial Life is a collection of designed and raw sci-fi sound effects dedicated to non-organic lifeforms, alien machinery and abstract expressive articulations. Inside you will find sounds of energy bursts, piercing lasers, heavy sparks, warm synthetic drones and otherworldly textures, whimsical glitch reactions, beautiful beeps and calculations, and much more.

This library will be a nice addition to your palette of futuristic sound effects, whether you are working on a video game, motion picture or a music track.

Zivxiz – Nica Brooke HUSH

Zivxiz is an ad-free site with free original audio samples and music production tools to keep your inspiration fresh. Each week’s release sparks imagination with unique stylistic perspectives, allowing you to experience the thoughtful and innovative ways sound can be made into music.

The very first in the Zivxiz Artist Series, the HUSH Collection features renowned vocalist Nica Brooke in this unconventional free release.

“With a voice like nectar, Nica has a talent for subtlety and spine tingling whispers that allow for some of the best production tools I’ve ever worked with. For this episode, Nica and I decided to have her softly read a storybook with high input gain to capture all the textural bits. The raw audio has been chopped into 256 audio files of intimate 24-bit movements, consonants, breaths and page turns. The audio has gone through no processing so you are able to place them in the way that fits your project best. All files have been loaded into samplers for Ableton, Logic and Reason, and a folder of individual samples is provided for those who work in different platforms.” 

Bonus: Zariis – Soundscape Frontier Sample kit

Zariis is a professional producer, engineer and sound designer who has worked with several soundware brands as well as record labels around the world.

Having been in the industry for over 26 years and studied at the SAE Institute in the UK in the late 90’s, he is a seasoned piano player and composer and ghost producer who has worked with many artists over the years.

Specializing in many forms of Dance music from House, Techno, Deep and EDM as well as cinematic and orchestral scoring, his work can be heard in many recordings used in games and movie soundtracks as well as commercial releases for various artists globally.

The Soundscape Frontier Sci-Fi pack has 3.57GB+ of content (uncompressed) which includes: 15 full construction kits Key and BPM info 500 24bit Wav files in total MIDI included Bonus FX folder containing 160 risers, drones, melodies and Impacts (which is not heard in the demo) All composed and produced by Zariis, and influenced by such movies as Enders Game, Stargate,The Martian, Interstellar, Avatar, Bladerunner, and Aliens.

That’s all for now…

If you want to get your free taster pack just sign up below.


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