We Want YOUR Samples!

If you are a sample pack producer and would like to provide a taster selection of one of your mega awesome packs to be included in an Audio Plugin Guy Sample Pack Showcase then please fill out the following form as completely as possible. We will be back in touch with you super quick!

Ideally we’d like a selection of around ten royalty free samples from your pack. If you can include a download link for these that would be amazing. The idea is that we bundle together a selection for samples from five or six producers to send out to our mailing list members every month.

So our readers get free samples, you get free exposure* and we get lots of love and joy. Everyone is a winner.

If you would just like to get in touch to chat about anything then go for our contact form instead. =D


*great cartoon! But this is genuinely getting your name out to people who may not have otherwise heard of you, plus the page on our site to describe the pack will include links to your pages, which is great for SEO and bringing more traffic to you. So it really is a good thing. =D