UVI Vintage Vault 2 – A Truly Epic Collection

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So UVI recently released Vintage Vault 2, which is a collection of their finest vintage synth and drum machine soundbanks. And it truly deserves the title ‘EPIC’. This thing is effing huge! Here at APG we’re gradually working through it all to review our favourites separates but for now, here’s an overview.

Vintage Mintage

If you’re after the sound of vintage synths but don’t actually have room to house a bunch of them (or the budget to buy them) then you have two software options: Emulations or sample banks. Emulations can offer more control but use up more processing power whilst sample banks are gentler on the CPU but can use up a lot hard-drive space. UVI’s instruments fall into the sample bank category, but still include a great deal of control. In total the Vintage Vault 2 is made up of around 120GB of samples from 50 instruments and 111 drum machines.

We did mention it was epic. Make sure your hard drive has enough space.

Vintage Vault 2 includes the following instruments:

BeatBox Anthology 2
Darklight IIx
Digital Synsations
Digital Synsations Vol. 2
Emulation One
Emulation II
OB Legacy
PX Apollo
String Machines
The Beast
Vector Pro
Vintage Legends


I know, right? That’s gonna keep y’all busy for a good while…

These are all painstakingly recorded from the real original instruments and include a variety of controls. Using the UVI Workstation to load up the instruments you can control and layer them to taste. There’s so many presets that you don’t have to be a tweaker to get some great sounds, though there’s enough control to refine to taste. If you want to have more control then you can also run all of these in Falcon.

Such a huge bundle doesn’t come cheap but the thing to remember is that this would cost you over 2000€ to buy as separate instruments. So the price tag of 599€ represents a huge saving…

What do we think?

That’s a lot of instruments to play with! we’re working our way through them all and will be bringing you reviews and demos of the ones that stand out to us. As they’re published will add them to the list here:

Review: Beatbox Anthology 2

Review: Digital Synsations Vol. 1

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