Audio Plugin Guy is a webzine for people who are passionate about plugins who love reading articles by people who are passionate about plugins and enjoy writing articles about their passion for plugins to be read by other people who are passionate about plugins.

Are you passionate about plugins? Then you’re in the right place!

We take a slightly less-than-serious approach to the whole world of audio plugins because, for us, it’s all about the pure fun and joy of creativity and audio. We hope you will find our articles, reviews, demos and interviews entertaining and amusing, as well as informative. 

This site was launched in April 2017 by some guy called Stu. You can blame him for most of this, though we do occasionally have guest writers who are happy to work for table scraps (and the eminently desirable notoriety that comes with being an APG writer). We try to bring you funky, fresh content regularly. What makes us different from other plugin related websites out there? Well that would be our secret recipe. And that’s a secret. So you’ll just have to keep an eye on our stuff and try to work it out, won’t you…

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