Mini-Review: Electric Sunburst from Native Instruments

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As you may know, I’ve previously mentioned that I create music for production libraries, video games, and other visual media. I’m usually pressed for time, so I’m always on the hunt for sample libraries that allow me to create commercial sound quickly and effectively. I’ve been using Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic series ever since it was released, so I was excited to check out Electric Sunburst. Let’s-a-go!

Creating The Next Modern Pop Hit

Electric Sunburst is a Kontakt library that contains clean, prerecorded chord progressions and loops from a Gibson Les Paul. This library is especially useful for musicians who create songs for production libraries or anyone looking for a modern sound.

Simply put, it’s great if you’re looking for a quick chord progression or want to create mock-ups. There are several styles to choose from, including various articulations. You’ll be able to easily create a chord progression in no time.

I do have a couple gripes about this library. The first one is how it transitions between different chords. Even though it does its best to create a realistic transition, a trained ear will be able to tell that it’s a sample library and not an recording specifically for that song. The second one is its on-board effects. There is one patch that tries to create a rock vibe by adding distortion and other effects, but I didn’t feel like the sounds recreated that kind of sound. You’re better off using an actual simulator like Guitar Rig or BIAS.


If you’re a production music professional like myself, then you’ll absolutely love this sample library. Electric Sunburst offers you a session musician in your DAW. If you need to add a real guitar to your song, then Electric Sunburst has you covered. Just stay away from its onboard effects.

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